Shoes & boots


Her you will find some examples of realisations of shoes and boots made to measure.

The production of shoes and boots made to measure matching the traditional arts is almost exstinct in our part of the world. This almost lost craft is one of the most complex ones between the different leather craftworks which has been developed during thousands of years.

All pieces are 100% handmade to measure using the traditional techniques and the best existing materials.


Because shoes and boots are very personal items (esthetics, measures and use) these have to be discussed and the measures to be taken (several times if necessary) in advance. This might take a lot of time, which has te be taken into account.


Shoes and boots are part of human history and exist for more than thousand years. Therefor this page can overlap an other page of this website: "Historical reconstitution" further on.


Repairs and restaurations are also possible, as long as the shoes, boots sandals, etc... are "reparable". You will find a good example in the ABL-boots further on in this website.


Repairs means: stitching and sewing up of uppr leather (legs) and soles, replacements of zippers; etc...

All wishes can be discussed !