Belgian Artisanal Leather-works


     100% handmade to measure !


Seat covers and all accessories in leather to measure


Handmade to measure, maximum respecting historical authenticity


+ Belgian leather from the highest quality

+ color, form, etc. like clients wishes

+ assembling the cover on the seat frame

+ also reparations and restorations of old-fashioned leather and canvas

+ making of all your concepts and models

+ professional consult about the matter


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Who am I en what do I do ?



After my acadermic studies as a geologist and geophysist, I followed  a professional formation  in 2 disciplines of leatherwork: shoes and boots” and “saddlery” for horses.


I'm also a self-made man.


 I was especially interested in the creative aspects of these crafts together with the other aspects like science, techniques, philosofy and history  of these crafts and materials.


 For this reason, I always find new challenges and discoveries in each new order which attracts all my interest and attention and makes that every piece of craftmanship becomes a unique piece of art, with a soul !


 All I make and create is 100% handmade to measure !


 Leathercraftmanship is one of the oldest crafts by our ancesters in prehistory to make clothes, shoes, and different utensils and ornaments. Later on we find them back with the domesticated animals, especially as saddles, bridle reins, etc... for cavalry horses.


As history is inevitable joined to these crafts and leather in all its variety and forms, most of my creations or applications include some historical aspects. 


Each new demand is examinated till the smallest detail to fulfill the clients demands by respecting in every stage of the project the rules of the craft and the historical character of the subject.


I always look for the best possible solution in close consultation with the client.


Advice and explanation are always given, even after sales !


My greatest satisfaction consists in delivering a high quality product to a satisfied client within a reasonable delivery period! This is my ultimate goal !


I only use high quality leather and products of preferrable Belgian origine:


For this is the reason I can always deliver products of te highest quality !


The combination of several of the best techniques of craftmanship and the existing high quality materials make that I can deliver product of similar and even higher quality than the original historical work of art ! Example: saddlecovers for old and antique motorbikes !


Also restauration and repairs of leather objects !