Napoleonic period



Replica of made to measure boots (in black calf leather ) of the Napoleonic Hussar cavalry (ca 1814) for the Royal Army Museum in Brussels.


Finished with hartform on top of the bootleg, and folds on the instep, conform the original boots.

Uniforms of the French Army ca. 1815






Application of leather between leggings on a charivari of the Napoleonic cavalry (ca. 1815).



Leather finishing of a generals belt of the Napoleonic Army (ca. 1815).

Saddle equipment






Recovering wtith very thin red leather of a stirrup belt of the saddle of the Emperial Army (ca. 1815).

Military equipment





French ammunition bag: adaption of a replica with a straight botom form to a symmetric curved form with additional finishing of the edges.

               Before.                                 After !



hNapoleonic holster in leather with black bearskin finishing and attachment for the saddle.




Repair of authentic holsters of a napoleonic general.