Saddles & covers

FN M 70A Before and after !

Before !                                                 After !   

Saroléa Estafette



Modell ABL (1950) with new saddlecover, pillion and leather boot lids (see details further on).

Terry Modells



Short Terry-saddle with darkbrown leather sides. Modell for motorbike end 20' and 30'.



Short Terry-saddle in darkbrown leather. Modell for motorbikes end 20' and 30'.




Long Terry-saddle in black leather. Modell for motorbikes half  20'.




Saroléa L25 (1928) with new cover.



Long Terry-saddles with sides in black leather. Modell for motorbikes half '20.



Type Bonhomme-saddle in black leather early '30 (Saroléa 500cc).

Opel Motoclub 500



Saddle in red leather (modell 1928) with matching tankbag and kneebuffers.




Complete new saddle in red leather conformable to the original.





Pansaddle in black leather (Motobécane 1926) with new stuffing.



Pansaddle for Harley-Davidson (WLa) in red leather with new stuffing.











Pansaddle for FN MWIII in brown leather with new stuffing.





Pillion for Terry-saddle in black leather (ca 1930).



Pillion handmade on a curved steelplate for mounting on mudguard.






Pillion pansaddle for FN MXIII (1950) in brown leather with new stuffing.



New replica of an ABL pillion (1950) in light brown leather with new stuffing.



Pillion for Triumph WD (1943) with unusual executed cover with built-in front cushion.

Covers for bicycles




New cover for bicycle Legia (ca 1930) in light brown leather.

Replacements & repairs of springs to measure



Example of completely new made to measure strings and new cover for Gillet 500 I (ca. 1930).



Original chassis with new made to measure rustproof springs withe free and fixed hooks matching the original.

           Before  !                       After !

Asymetric old springs !     New springs !






Replacement of old or missing springs by new ones made to measure on an authentic chassis.

      New hook on

        old spring.