Below you will find some examples of leather accessories made to measure for old motorbikes and cycles. All wishes can be taken in consideration.

Saddlebags  & toolbins



Toolbin wth new leather cover for bikes of the 1920s.

Other periods and colours possible.



ABL-bags (anno 1950)for Gillet, FN and Saroléa-estafettes with new leather covers matching the original (natural).

Other colours are possible.




Saddlebag made to measure for luggage rack.




Toolbag to measure in sattle leather for luggage rack.




Special bag for spare tube to be fixed at the handlebar.

Buffer & kneegrips



Entire set of buffer + kneepads made to measure for "entre-tube" bikes (1920s).

Adaptions, repairs and restaurations



Installing of extra security straps in leather for synthetic bins or suitcases (all brands). Here BMW Kreuzer-bins.